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Who are we?

VIVAQUA, a 100% public company, is the source of the water that reaches the taps of consumers in Brussels every day.

Founded in 1891, VIVAQUA has become one of the largest water companies in Belgium. Today, our activities encompass the production and distribution of drinking water, the management of sewer networks and flood control. Find out more…

Mission, vision, values

The 2019-2024 strategic plan VIVAnext reflects VIVAQUA’s ambitions, plans and commitments until 2024.

It is based on our company’s mission, vision and values in order to define six strategic objectives for the medium term.


Our mission

Our company has made it its mission to ensure sustainable and constant access to high-quality water for all, to collect waste water and to control flooding.

Our vision

To exemplify together with pride a modernised public service, actively open to the world and resolutely facing the future, focused on the needs of our customers and society, and committed to preserving the environment.

Our values

A sense of service, integrity, team spirit, reliability, competence and openness are the six values practised daily by all VIVAQUA employees.

130 years of history

VIVAQUA was founded on 12 December 1891 under the name Compagnie Intercommunale des Eaux de l’Agglomération bruxelloise (CIE).

The purpose of the CIE was to supply certain municipalities in Brussels with high-quality drinking water. Over the course of its history, it has expanded its missions and areas of activity.


Water Journey - Listen to our podcast

Follow the path of water, from the catchment to the sewer, through the 6 episodes of ‘Water Journey’, our brand new podcast 

This audio tour (available in French or Dutch) is highlighted by bronze paving stones at 6 emblematic locations for VIVAQUA. It immerses the visitor in the daily life of our teams.


Social commitment

Drinking water and waste water management are the foundation for the development of societies. VIVAQUA seeks to contribute to the latter, beyond its primary missions, by protecting resources, providing access to water for all, creating high-quality jobs and committing to diversity.


VIVAQUA is a 100% public company.

As an intermunicipal association, it is administered by representatives of the associated municipalities.

The Board of Directors delegates part of its management powers to the Executive Committee composed of a Chairperson, a Vice-Chairperson and five Directors.

VIVAQUA is organised into seven departments, each with its own specific missions and activities.

Composition of the management committee

Composition of the board of Directors

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