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VIVAQUA supports initiatives that encourage people to drink tap water.

Our company offers reusable bottles, jugs and cups to organisations and schools that share this objective. VIVAQUA also participates in public events such as Belgian National Day, Festival of the Environment, Bucolic Brussels, etc. and can provide organisers with fountains or standpipes to distribute water to participants.

Do you want to obtain sponsorship for a particular activity or event? Complete this form (available in French or Dutch only) and send it to us at least two months before the date of the activity or event. All sponsorship requests are subject to the approval of our Executive Committee, which reserves the right not to respond favourably to a request.

Request for water points

Remember to enclose with your request a layout plan specifying the exact place(s) where you would like these water points. Nevertheless, the installation will be carried out according to the instructions of our technical department. These water points cannot therefore always be located where you would like.

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