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Do you want to make a complaint?

Are you unhappy with our services?

Our staff is at your disposal.

Fill in the form below to send a complaint about, for instance:

  • your bill (incorrect data, pricing)
  • the service quality (time taken to process your file, interaction with one of our employees, etc.)
  • the water quality (taste, smell, etc.)
  • our construction sites (noise pollution, pavement condition after the work, etc.)

Time limit for submitting a complaint

You must file your complaint within 12 months of the incident that caused the complaint (date of invoice, date of beginning of the work,…).

Complaint processing

Within 10 working days of receiving your complaint, our services will send an e-mail confirming that your complaint is admissible (or not). We may ask you for further information to complete the complaint file.

If your complaint is admissible, you will receive a follow-up within a maximum of 2 months (starting from the receipt of the e-mail confirming the admissibility of your complaint). This maximum period of 2 months can of course vary depending on the complaint’s complexity). If your request requires work, on-site testing or other technical elements, we will inform you of the likely timeframe for processing your complaint.

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