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Environmental protection

To preserve the quality of water at the source, VIVAQUA has for over a century adopted a policy of acquiring the land surrounding its catchment sites and conveyance network.

VIVAQUA continuously monitors close to 1,500 hectares around its catchment sites and the pipes that carry water to the Brussels Region.  In these sensitive areas, our employees ensure respect for the environment, the safety of facilities and water quality.

VIVAQUA manages its properties with a view to preserving biodiversity. More than 400 ha are classified as a Natura 2000 zone and the protected area surrounding our Modave catchment site is classified as a nature reserve. 

Do you live near one of our catchment sites? Are you carrying out works or organising an activity near one of our properties?

The proximity of our production facilities (catchment sites, pipes carrying water) requires protective measures in order to preserve the quality of drinking water.

Help protect the water resource

A number of strategic projects aim to strengthen our approach to sustainable development: more effective waste management policy, self-production of “green” energy, purchase of electric vehicles, etc.


Renewable energy

VIVAQUA is expanding its initiatives to exploit certain alternative energy sources. In particular, it has developed a system for recovering heat from sewers and is taking part in two Brussels projects piloted by Sibelga: SOLARClick and NRClick.


Waste management

In terms of waste management, VIVAQUA is moving towards a circular economy approach based on the “4Rs” rule: reduce, reuse, repair and recycle.

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