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Social strategy

VIVAQUA takes a series of measures to ensure its customers access to the fundamental asset that water is.

Payment plans

Our Customer Service Department offers plans for payments in instalments for customers who have difficulty paying their water bill.

Request a payment plan

Social Fund

VIVAQUA contributes to a Social Fund that helps the poorest people who cannot pay their water bill. This Social Fund, financed by €0.03 charged on each m³ of water billed, is managed by the Public Centres for Social Welfare of the 19 municipalities of Brussels.

Further information about the Social Fund

Assistance for the homeless

Since October 2019, VIVAQUA has granted a 50% water bill reduction to non-profit organisations offering free showers or launderettes to the homeless. How can you request this reduction?

Eligibility conditions (pdf in French)

Application for the discount


Measures relating to the COVID-19 crisis

To enable everyone to practise basic hygiene measures, VIVAQUA has suspended the cutting of the water supply for non-payment of bills until the end of the health measures.

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