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The Social Fund

The Social Fund helps any natural person who has difficulties paying his/her water bill. It is managed by the CPAS of the 19 municipalities of Brussels.

If you have payment difficulties, contact the CPAS of your municipality, even if you do you not receive an integration income. The CPAS alone are competent to decide, on the basis of a social survey, whether you can benefit from a Social Fund intervention.

This assistance can take three different forms:

  • payment of the water bill sent by VIVAQUA

  • if the provision for water consumption is included in the rent price, payment of a sum calculated on a flat rate basis of 80 l/day/person

These 80 litres cover essential needs, i.e.

– 8.5 litres for cooking
– 54 litres for personal hygiene and toilets
– 17.5 litres for cleaning and laundry

  • repairs for leaks in cisterns, taps or advice on consumption.


Where does the money for the Social Fund come from?

This Social Fund is funded by a contribution of €0.03 charged on each m³ of water billed. This amount is distributed between the CPAS of each associated municipality in proportion to the number of recipients of social integration income (and equivalents) domiciled in the municipality.

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