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No. Rainwater is not drinkable and is not even reliable for regular personal hygiene.


Because rainwater is polluted by that which is present in the atmosphere:

  • significant concentration of lead
  • concentration of car exhaust gases that are not fully burned
  • SO2 (sulphur dioxide)
  • fumes from the waste incinerator and chemical plant chimneys, etc.

In addition, rainwater runs over roofs covered in dust and soiled by birds. After a few months, the tank is a veritable breeding ground for microbes.


When can rainwater be used?

It can be suitable for certain domestic uses: cleaning, washing, rinsing toilets, watering the garden, etc.

If you want to install a rainwater system in your home, make perfectly sure that it is completely and permanently separated from the drinking water system to avoid contaminating the latter.

Contact your water company for technical information. It should also be noted that the installation of a rainwater recovery system remains a significant investment which cannot always be recovered financially.

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