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As a socially responsible company, VIVAQUA helps people who do not have access to drinking water or to sanitation services.

International solidarity fund

This fund provides financial support to projects aimed at promoting access to drinking water and to sanitation in poorer countries. Five projects were supported in 2021, for actions in Republic of Guinea, Republic of Niger, Democratic Republic of Congo (2 projects) and Palestine.

The financing for this fund is provided by a contribution of €0.005/m³ of water billed.

The International Solidarity Fund is used to co-finance development aid projects related to the water sector.

Each year, the Brussels Region launches a call for projects. The Region wants to respond to the international preoccupations that consider access to drinking water and sanitation a fundamental right. In this way, the fund contributes to the achievement of the 6th of the Sustainable Development Goals adopted by the United Nations.

The Brussels-Capital Region wants to participate in the establishment, where possible, of local public water management and sanitation services in sufficient quantity and quality, allowing everyone to have access to these services at a cost that is bearable, fair and adapted to the various uses.

The projects submitted must preferably include a section relating to education and/or awareness-raising on these issues. They must also demonstrate their sustainability and financial independence beyond the period of support from the International Solidarity Fund of the Brussels Region.

Who can submit a project?

Brussels-based project-leading organisations that are active in the water sector or have proven experience in implementing water or sanitation projects. They are either

  • non-profit-making associations
  • state, educational or research institutes
  • trade-union organisations
  • representative structures of NGOs in development cooperation
  • or the 19 municipalities of Brussels.

The head office of the project-leading organisations must be located in the Brussels-Capital Region.

Call for projects 2022

A minimum of 3 and a maximum of 15 projects will be selected. They will be co-financed for EUR 10,000 to EUR 100,000, within the limits of the amounts available, over a period of 1 to 3 years, and provided that the financial contribution allocated does not exceed 80% of the overall project budget.

The projects must therefore be financed to the extent of at least 20% by the project-leading organisation and its possible partners, either through its own funds or through public intervention not provided by a regional public institution of the Brussels-Capital Region.

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