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VIVAQUA: a key operator in the water cycle

VIVAQUA: a cooperative company bringing together the 19 municipalities of Brussels, four Walloon municipalities and the intermunicipal association “in BW”.

VIVAQUA supplies an average of 360,000 m³ of drinking water every day. To meet the water needs of Brussels residents as well as some of the inhabitants of the Flemish and Walloon Regions, VIVAQUA relies on 26 catchment sites, a vast pipe network, continuous monitoring by our Laboratory and reservoirs with sufficient storage capacity.

Since the early 2000s, VIVAQUA has also been managing the sewer networks and most of the Brussels storm water basins.

VIVAQUA has 1,400 employees working for water and the public.

To ensure the continuity of the water supply, VIVAQUA provides its services 24/7.

VIVAQUA, always looking to the future, anticipates regulatory changes and the impact of climate change, in particular through a Water Quantity Plan.

To support our core activities, we also develop innovative solutions, such as the recovery of heat from sewers.

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