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Drink and consume wisely!

Drinking tap water: a sign of common sense!

Tap water is good for health: with no sugar and highly controlled quality, it meets all current standards.

Tap water is also an economical drink: the annual cost for a litre and a half of water per day does not exceed €2.

Tap water is environmentally friendly: it requires neither bottle nor transport by lorry.

Saving tap water is also a civic gesture!

In our country, high-quality tap water is available in all homes. But we must not forget that this vital commodity is a fragile resource. Even though we are lucky enough not to run out of it, we must preserve it.

Our tips to prevent water waste

How can we prevent water waste?

    • Enemy number one: leaks. They can represent about 20% of your total consumption. How do you detect a possible leak? Read you water meter before you leave your house for a while or in the evening before you go to bed. If the reading has changed when you return or the next morning (and you haven’t run the (dish)washer), it means there is a problem and you should look for a dripping tap or leaks …
    • Turn off the taps properly! A dripping tap represents a loss of five litres a day. Often you just have to replace the broken rubber seal. If it turns out that the seal is not the problem, you will have to install a completely new tap.
    • Take a shower (consumption: about 50 litres) rather than a bath (consumption: about 150 litres).
    • Run the dishwasher or washing machine only when it’s fully loaded.
    • Turn off the water while brushing your teeth.
    • Choose a flush tank with an economy button, which uses two to three times less water than a traditional tank.
    • If possible, use rainwater to wash your car and water your garden. When should you water? It depends on the season. In the summer it is best to do this in the evening, because during the day the water evaporates faster due to the heat. In autumn and spring it is better to water the plants in the morning.

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