Sustainability at VIVAQUA

VIVAQUA is conducting a long-term environmental, social and economic policy.
Against the background of its environmental policy, VIVAQUA has taken several initiatives to minimise its environmental impact. VIVAQUA's business mobility plan seeks to achieve a 30% cut in the greenhouse gas emissions resulting from staff travel patterns. Several places of business in Brussels have also been awarded the "Eco-dynamic enterprise" label.
From a labour relations perspective, VIVAQUA has created over 100 jobs in recent years. VIVAQUA has job opportunities for skilled and less skilled staff in the three regions of the country. It is also doing its utmost to ensure steadily improving working conditions for employees and is constantly lending its support to drinking water supply development projects in disadvantaged regions.
On the economic front, VIVAQUA has been involved for several years in a policy focused on extending and diversifying its activities in the three regions of the country. Its turnover rose from €223 million in 2008 to 270 million in 2016.