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Were you receiving an annual or half-yearly water bill? From now on, your bill will be sent to you every three months

Since 1 September 2020, the legislation in the Brussels-Capital Region* has provided for (at least) quarterly billing for all our customers.

VIVAQUA will therefore send you four bills per year: three interim bills (also known as prepayment or advance payment bills) followed by an adjustment bill after your meter has been read.


By receiving a bill every three months, you will be able to better manage your budget since this allows you to spread the payment of your annual consumption.


Do you already receive a bill every three months? Have you opted for a monthly invoice online via Doccle? Is your daily consumption greater than 2 mÂł/day?

For you, nothing is changing. Your water bills will be sent to you with the usual frequency.

How are interim bills calculated?

You have just received your annual bill. The amount of your next three interim bills will be calculated based on the volume of your consumption:

For each of the three interim bill, you will therefore pay ÂĽ of the estimated amount of your next bill. This amount is calculated on the basis of your consumption in the previous year, the number of people domiciled at your address and the latest rates in effect.

At the time of your next index reading, a new adjustment bill will be sent to you and the advance payments already made via the interim bills will be deducted from its amount.

Were you absent when our meter reader visited?

Have you not sent your index, via the card placed in your letter box or at In this case, we do not have a real index and we must estimate the amount of your bills based on the consumption recorded in previous years, the number of people domiciled at your address and the latest rates in effect.

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Make your life (even) easier!

Opt for monthly billing online via Doccle


Do you have a question about your bill?

Contact us by email:



* Order of 11 June 2020 amending the order of 20 October 2006 establishing a framework for water policy in the Brussels-Capital Region.

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