VIVAQUA is ...

VIVAQUA is one of the main Belgian intermunicipal associations involved in the production and distribution of drinking water.

VIVAQUA's activities cover the development and operation of drinking water abstraction, treatment, supply, storage and distribution services and installations.

It employs roughly 1,500 people.

VIVAQUA was founded in 1891 for the purpose of supplying the outskirts of Brussels with safe drinking water. It now delivers all the drinking water distributed in the Brussels-Capital Region, while supplying some of the Walloon Regions. Consequently, VIVAQUA provides 365,410 m³ of safe drinking water to 2.25 million inhabitants every day of the week.

Guaranteeing the quality of the water delivered is regarded as one of VIVAQUA's top priorities. Safe drinking water has to meet over 55 quality criteria set by the Regions and European authorities. About 240,000 analyses are performed every year.
VIVAQUA ensures water, as a rich natural resource, is used in keeping with the need to pay respect to nature, its inhabitants and future generations.


VIVAQUA is a partnership of 23 cities and towns and one intermunicipal association.


VIVAQUA is a cooperative company with limited liability.