Transport and distribution of drinking water

VIVAQUA delivers safe drinking water from the production sites to the final consumer or up to the access point to the distribution network for the municipalities or organisations it supplies.
Towards this end, the company operates a network comprising 5,000 km of pipes, reservoirs and pressure control structures.
- 500 km of supply pipes (between the catchment areas and the large reservoirs located throughout the area catered for by VIVAQUA)
- 230 km of distribution pipes (between the reservoirs and the municipal or intermunicipal distribution networks access point)
- 2.339 km for distribution (within the municipal or intermunicipal areas catered for by VIVAQUA)


A dozen or so large diameter pipes are used to transport the water from the catchment areas to the place of consumption.
The water flows naturally in gently sloping pipes (aqueducts or sewers), or with the help of pumps in feeders.
The supply network comprises about 500 km of pipes. The flow of water is controlled and monitored via a central dispatching unit in Brussels, at the company headquarters.
Valve regulation centres divert the water from the supply pipes to the various reservoirs or distribution areas.


VIVAQUA keeps its drinking water in 15 or so large reservoirs, whose capacities are greater than that of water towers so that consumer demand can be met even if the production level is down for a temporary period.
Apart from the 'buffer reservoirs', close to the production sites, VIVAQUA has 5 'distributor head' reservoirs supplying the various distribution areas.
The largest reservoir, located in Callois, in Braine-l’Alleud, holds 120,000 m³ of water, mainly derived from Tailfer.


Two hundred and thirty km of pipes transport the water from the large distributor head reservoirs to the municipal or intermunicipal distribution networks.
VIVAQUA provides technical, administrative and commercial distribution services for the Brussels-Capital Region as well as for certain municipalities in Walloon Brabant.
VIVAQUA also offers miscellaneous services, such as leak detection, fire hydrant and post hydrant maintenance and pipe corrosion protection.
VIVAQUA is responsible for customer service in the Brussels-Capital Region and certain municipalities in Walloon Brabant: reading water counters, billing, administrative follow-up to additional counter installation requests or connections to the water distribution and sewage networks,…
Always striving to improve its distribution services, VIVAQUA keeps a close eye on technological innovations in the field of water. That's why VIVAQUA is contributing to the European SMART.MET project, launched in 2017 and funded by the Horizon 2020 research programme of the European Commission. The goal of the SMART.MET project, led by a group of 7 European water companies (including VIVAQUA), is to promote the development of new technologies for the collection and management of smart metering data.


As a water distribution specialist, VIVAQUA also offers control, advisory and approval services for private water systems. It is involved in legionnaires' disease prevention as well.