The quality control of water

VIVAQUA carries out several preventive controls in order to guarantee the quality of the water.

The water is constantly checked at each stage of the production, supply and distribution process.

The control rooms in the various abstraction and treatment sites undertake the first-line controls, while the central dispatching unit (headquarters, Brussels) monitors and manages all the catchment points and the supply network. Any irregularities are reported via a supervision system. The Central Watch (Linthout technical centre, Schaerbeek in Brussels) monitors the distribution networks.



The Brussels-based VIVAQUA laboratory analyses the water samples taken at the catchment points, storage facilities and in the supply and distribution networks. The water that is distributed has to meet the quality requirements of over 55 parameters, laid down by regional laws. These mainly comprise:
- microbiological parameters
- chemical parameters
- radiochemical parameters
- indicator parameters
While being consistent with the regional standards (invariably just as strict as and sometimes even stricter than the European standards), the water composition may vary according to where it comes from.

A series of parameters are also directly monitored at each catchment site so that action can be taken straight away if there are any problems affecting the installations.


The laboratory's ability to deliver reliable results is recognised and certified by Belac pursuant to the ISO 17025 international standard. The laboratory is also accredited by the Regions and the Belgian Federal Agency for the Safety of the Food Chain (AFSCA) for its sample-taking and tests.