VIVAQUA’s mission is to provide a sustainable supply of high-quality drinking water, 24/7 and 365 days a year. The company is also responsible for sewerage operations and wastewater treatment.

This involves production (catchment, where applicable treatment, quality control), transport, storage, analysis, distribution (operation, maintenance and expansion of the network), sanitation activities and fight against floods.

Drinking water quality first and foremost depends on the quality of the water in its natural state, before catchment. For this reason, a major part of VIVAQUA’s efforts is aimed at safeguarding resources, both by protecting the immediate environment around its catchment and conveyance installations and by treating wastewater.



Water is essential to life and plays a key role in food consumption and hygiene, so it is also critical to health.

Tap water is safe for human consumption, which means it can be drunk without any health risks. It must comply with over 50 parameters relating to its makeup, clarity and taste which ensure its quality. The quality standards for water distributed in Belgium are set out in regional legislation, and these requirements are sometimes stricter than those imposed by the European Union and recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO).

Drinking water quality depends on 3 elements:

- safeguarding resources

- appropriately treating catchment water

- extensive monitoring



- Safeguarding

VIVAQUA safeguards the purity of its groundwater by purchasing the land where its wells are located and the land through which its conveyance network travels. In this manner, over the years it has created protected areas where human activity is either restricted or prohibited. Today, it permanently monitors close to 1,200 hectares around its catchment sites and around 350 hectares through which its conveyance network travels. Since the end of the 20th century it has been a legal obligation to create protected areas around catchments.


- Treatment

Most of the groundwater extracted by VIVAQUA is suitable for drinking in its natural state and does not require any specific treatment. However, surface water, which is extracted at the Tailfer site, must be made drinkable prior to distribution. Once it has been treated, this water meets the quality standards imposed by law.


- Monitoring

The quality of the water distributed by VIVAQUA is continuously monitored by its laboratory, from the catchment site to the consumer’s tap. Every year, the laboratory carries out over 250,000 analyses.



VIVAQUA is a publicly-owned company responsible for supplying today’s consumers as well as future generations. Safety, respect and solidarity lie at the heart of its corporate philosophy.

VIVAQUA believes that access to drinking water is a right and that everyone must therefore receive the same product and the same services at the fairest price. VIVAQUA’s economic structure allows it to continue providing its products and services while maintaining a stable pricing structure.

Well aware of their public service mission, VIVAQUA’s employees are in touch with customers and are committed to providing a high-quality product and the services to match.