Key figures

In 2017, VIVAQUA produced 136,4 million m³ of drinking water, and supplied 373,700 m³ of drinking water every day, or 4,325 litres every second.

The water is obtained from 26 sites in Belgium. Roughly 6 litres out of 10 is accounted for by ground water, which is often naturally pure, while 4 litres out of 10 is accounted for by surface water.

The water is carried to the final consumer through over 5,000 km of pipes.

VIVAQUA water is supplied to over one-fifth of the Belgian population (2.25 million people), in the country's 3 regions.

The water undergoes several analyses throughout the process, at the production, storage and distribution sites.

VIVAQUA reported a turnover of €310,5 million in 2017.