VIVAQUA is also a regular participant in cooperation initiatives designed to help communities who do not have access to safe drinking water and/or sanitation services.

Accordingly, in Djuma, in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, VIVAQUA has worked together with the Belgian Medics without Vacation association with a view to developing a project. Serving a community of 150,000 people, Djuma hospital was provided with a water distribution system and a drainage system in 2008. A bit later on, a well-drilling operation succeeded in offering the community a reliable supply of safe drinking water. The drilling activities were carried out with the financial support of a private donor.

In late 2011, the European Commission accepted a project VIVAQUA presented under the "Partnerships for Capacity Development in the ACP (African, Caribbean and Pacific) Water & Sanitation Sector” programme. Since early 2013, REGIDESO and VIVAQUA (public sector water companies in DRC and Belgium respectively) have been conducting a four-year public/public cooperation project seeking to reduce water losses affecting Kinshasa city's distribution network (leaks, fraud,…). The amount of water recovered will help to increase the amount available to the public. (+link)