Community involvement

VIVAQUA's commitment is based on 3 key principles:

- Action

VIVAQUA is a dynamic high-performance company that has adopted a long-term approach based on the development of its activities.

VIVAQUA employees are called upon every day to demonstrate their skills and responsiveness, as a result of which VIVAQUA is a constantly evolving water company.


- Responsibility

Ensuring water supplies for future generations: VIVAQUA accepts this responsibility as a result of its sustainable development policy based on protecting 'water' resources and nature. VIVAQUA has also adopted a responsible approach towards its staff, citizens and customers, with the focus on safety, respect and solidarity.

- Investment

Serving the public means adopting an approach based on professionalism, motivation and conviction. VIVAQUA is able to count on employees who are proud of their profession, attentive to the needs of users and committed to providing an essential product and services, irrespective of the circumstances and environment.



A close-to-home company, VIVAQUA has developed an information policy geared to citizens, its partners and authorised representatives.

For example, VIVAQUA opens its doors to the public in certain locations (Modave, Vedrin and Tailfer) and takes part in various events with a view to dealing with consumer questions and concerns. It also proposes tap water-related posters or exhibitions to partner municipalities.



VIVAQUA is investing in staff information, training and well-being, as a reflection of just how important staff skills, motivation, effectiveness and professionalism are for achieving the company's aims. It provides the tools and means of protection, while making a greater commitment to providing support to new employees.



VIVAQUA has signed the 'Max Havelaar' charter, against the background of the Fairtrade approach, guaranteeing a fair price to enable producers in the southern hemisphere to cover the costs of sustainable farming practices and their families' needs. The intermunicipal association frequently carries out schemes designed to make staff aware of this commitment. Since 2013, all the coffee, tea and sugar consumed in the different VIVAQUA installations have been certified 100 % Fairtrade. The company was also awarded the 'Max Havelaar' 2-star label in 2013.