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Are you a flood victim?

Contact our guidance service 'flooding'

Has your home suffered one or more floodings? It may not be properly connected to the public sewage system. In that case, our advisor can help you detect the origin of the problem and better plan any adjustment works.

VIVAQUA fights floods in the Brussels Region. Construction of storm water basins, renovation of the sewage system, monitoring of flood-prone areas: all these measures are intended to reduce the nuisance suffered by residents of flood zones.

However, in recent years, climate change is causing more severe storms with heavier rainfall. If you live in a flood zone, consider checking your sewage system for leaks to protect yourself from flooding.

A free guidance service

By simple request, VIVAQUA’s flooding advisors will come over to examine your installation and determine the most appropriate solution to your problem (non-return valve, retention tank, …)

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