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An annual renovation programme

The Brussels drainage network, neglected for decades, is in some places more than a century old.

Parts of it are in poor condition, which can cause road collapses.

About 10 years ago, VIVAQUA took over sewer management: our company establishes an annual works programme to ensure the sustainability of the network. Each year, 20 to 25 km of it are repaired.

Our technical sectors

Our two technical sectors carry out the interventions on the distribution network: they each cover a separate geographic area.

Map of the technical sectors

The engineers from our Design Office decide on the rehabilitation technique to be implemented depending on the configuration of the sewer to be renovated.

VIVAQUA uses the least invasive techniques possible (lining, placement of shells, etc.) in order to limit disruption to local residents, to maintain access to businesses as much as possible and to create the fewest possible obstacles to mobility.

Renovation of main sewers

VIVAQUA also maintains the large main sewers that direct waste water to the capital’s two purification plants.


Emergency works

In addition to these scheduled works, there are also ad hoc works to deal with unforeseen situations such as road collapses.

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