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The plant for the manufacture of the shells used to renovate sewers in Brussels has been operational since September 2020.

This plant, built on the VIVAQUA technical site located on Rue de Birmingham in Anderlecht, fulfils a threefold aspiration on the part of our company: to limit costs, to reduce our ecological footprint and to create jobs.


Sewer renovation

In the Brussels-Capital Region, some sewers are over 100 years old. To renovate the sewer network, VIVAQUA favours methods that limit disruption to residents. Lining the structure with polyester and fibreglass shells is one of the most widely used techniques. However, the few shell suppliers are located abroad. To obtain more reasonable time-frames and prices, VIVAQUA had to place very large orders, which caused serious storage problems. Today, by producing shells in Anderlecht for use in the Brussels Region, VIVAQUA is reducing storage problems, its costs and the impact of its activities on the environment (the CO2 footprint linked to the transportation of shells is 61% lower).

To find out more: view our video (in French)

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